Meet the solid poppers and have all the amazing effects of the traditional popper for sale in a new format.


The solid poppers have been specially developed in the laboratory to offer even more benefits to popper lovers. First of all, the solid popper is easier to carry because its solid shape prevents the substance from leaking or spilling.


In addition, the effects are the same as for liquid poppers, but are felt with a greater intensity and tend to last longer because the aroma is more concentrated in this format.


As for its use, there is no mystery, just activate the solid popper surface by messing with your fingers or with a tool such as a spoon or spatula. Then just inhale its aroma.


Another advantage that will make you want to try the solid poppers is that the best brands on the market are already in this format. Try it: solid Popper Dragon.


If you are ready to try the new format of this aroma, buy poppers at Also try other poppers like the Rise Up amyl Popper and other aromas with amazing effects.

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    For a total cleaning.Revives and nourishes without losing firmness.Ready to use.Leather Cleaner must not be used for anything other than its intended purpose.After each use, the product must not be exposed to direct light.The storage temperature should be between 8°C and 12°C.Follow the instructions on the bottle.

    11,90 €
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