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    A strong popper, another strong popper and another, check! Get them in this big Poppers UK Pack: 1 Kraken 24ml, 1 King 24ml et 1 Stoke 24ml.Important note: Do not mix popper with viagra or other vasodilators. May cause death. Use the instructions on the bottle button.

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    With this Pack 3 you can have the opportunity to experience with 5 brands: 2 Prague Special Ultra Strong 10ml, 2 Liquid Gold 10ml y 1 Throb Hard X 10ml.

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    Buy the Birmingham Poppers Pack and receive 21 bottles of Dragon Aromas brand poppers at a great price.This set of poppers contains: 18 Extreme Ultra Strong 10ml and 3 free Rise Up 10ml poppersImportant note: Do not mix poppers with viagra or other vasodilators. Use according to the directions on the bottle.

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    This is a pack for those who like strong poppers. So it includes the new Extreme Ultra Strong popper and El Toro Strong.In the Bristol Poppers Pack you will find: 6 Extreme Ultra Strong 24ml, 1 El Toro Strong 24ml and a free Stainless Steel Popper Inhaler with StringImportant note: Do not mix poppers with viagra or other vasodilators. Use according to the...

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    In this pack you will find 3 different poppers launched by the brand of poppers Dragon Aromas. Great to show their strength.In Glasgow Poppers Pack you will find: 1 Extreme Ultra Strong 10ml, 1 Rise Up 10ml popper, 1 Dragon Power 9ml and a Stainless Steel Popper Inhaler with StringImportant note: Do not mix poppers with viagra or other vasodilators. Use...

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    Amazing pack consisting of: 2 Rise Up 10ml, 1 Super Rush Black Label Big, 1 Prague Special 10ml and 1 Extreme Black Label 10ml

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    Traveling is always better with good company: your favorite poppers! Try this pack with 3 big and strong poppers, special Italy: 1 Extreme Black Label 25ml, 1 Stoke 24ml and 1 King 24ml.Important note: Do not mix popper with viagra or other vasodilators. May cause death. Use the instructions on the bottle button.

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    In this Sheffield Poppers Pack you will find the powerful Rise Up popper and a popper inhaler for when you want to use it discreetly.In this set of poppers you will find: 5 Rise Up Ultra Strong 24ml and a Free Stainless Steel Popper Inhaler with StringImportant note: Do not mix poppers with viagra or other vasodilators. Use according to the directions on...

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    Pack with 6 big brands: 1 Ghost Ultra Strong 24ml, 1 Kraken 24ml, 1 King 24ml, 1 Stoke 24ml, 1 El Toro Premium 24ml y 1 Boy 24ml

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Rise Up Poppers

Welcome, Buy Poppers - Poppers UK Online Store

Buy Poppers: Large variety of original poppers in your online poppers shop


Established at the beginning of the century, BPN Buy Poppers UK has an expert poppers specialized team. The gained experience makes it the most important online store for the sale of the best poppers in the UK.

Over the years, BPN Poppers UK has established firmly in the European market. We sell all types of poppers to all European countries, especially the United Kingdom and the British market.

With a modern and innovative warehouse, we at BPN Poppers UK, meet the objective of serving our customers with excellent quality poppers.

To maintain the poppers effects and properties, it is essential to keep them at around 10ºC.

For this purpose, a cooling system was installed. As a result, we guarantee the best poppers to our clients.

We have combine the best price on the market to the quality of the poppers. Due to the large number of poppers sold, we have bargaining power with the best poppers manufacturers. As a result, we were able to offer a poppers discount of up to 60%.

At BPN Poppers UK you can buy poppers for just 2.76€! Super cheap poppers...

At BPN Poppers UK we have a professional and dedicated logistics department available. Therefore, you will receive your poppers order in just a few days in the United Kingdom. Check out our poppers sale conditions available at the Delivery page.


As you know, you can buy poppers in different places in the UK. Clubs, saunas, street sex shops, they all distribute this product. However, BPN Buy Popper is here to warn you of the danger of buying fake, low-quality poppers!

As mentioned before, our online poppers store is specialized in this area of activity. That is, the best poppers from the largest manufacturers are available and guaranteed to be purchased here.

There are several factors that we can list:

Firstly, we refer to BPN Poppers UK's commitment to the careful selection of popper manufacturers. In addition to this, we carry out laboratory studies for the development of new popper brands. In summary: we ensure quality and innovation at your poppers purchase.

Secondly, we have an efficient customer service department available. Place your question through the channels we offer at our website. Telephone (+351) 253 091 785 and email: [email protected].

Thirdly, BPN Poppers UK guarantees the fast delivery of your package of poppers within just a few days to the United Kingdom. The available logistics service where you can choose from are TNT, DPD and Postal Office.

Still wondering where to buy poppers? No problem, you have reached the right page!


You may have noticed that BPN Buy Poppers UK sells the cheapest poppers online.

With the progressive discount of up to 60% on poppers, we confidently affirm that there is no cheaper online store for poppers. You can buy just 1 popper or buy wholesale always at the best price.

As we already mentioned, the highest quality of the sold poppers remains. It does not matter if the poppers are made of amyl, pentyl or propyl nitrite.

The BPN Poppers UK team has more than 140 references of poppers in stock that you can buy at a cheap price: Rise UP, El Toro Strong, Dragon Power.

We select the best popper manufacturers with quality criteria. Thanks to that, we can offer reference popper brands such as PopAdelic and the brand of the moment, Dragon Aromas.

In addition to the 60% discount, we offer poppers packs that have an unbeatable price. With that, you can try various poppers, classics or new, at a reduced price.


Over the years, popper brands have multiplied. Dragon Aromas, our brand of poppers comes with the sole objective of developing and creating quality poppers.

In 2012, the brand's first aroma was created: Dragon Power. The success achieved was the lever for the creation of many other brands like Rise Up, Ghost Ultra Strong, Prague Special...

Then we became the only laboratory in Portugal to manufacture amyl, pentyl and propyl poppers. After 2 years of study, we launched the latest innovation in poppers. El Toro Strong and Dragon Strong arrived as a mixture of 2 nitrites, a bestseller in the UK and throughout Europe.

Portuguese law has always liberalized the marketing of poppers. Applying all the technique and study we have become specialists in the sector. Discover the best poppers brands made in Portugal at BPN Poppers UK. Buying from us is buying with a guarantee and quality seal. Trust the innovation at BPN-Poppers, your nitrite expert.


We are committed to delivering all popper orders quickly to the UK.

The package is totally discreet and neutral.


At our online popper store, we offer the following secure payment methods:

- Payment with credit card
- - Payment by bank wire
- Payment by cryptocurrency

No reference to BUY POPPERS NET will be mentioned on your bank statement.



Poppers are a liquid product based on alkyl nitrite. They are sold in small bottles, easy to transport.

Poppers can be inhaled in several ways, the most used is direct inhalation.

Poppers use increases blood pressure, relaxes the muscles of the anus and makes anal sex more comfortable.

Even today, the gay community is the highest percentage of popper users. However, over the years, there has been an increase in the consumption of poppers among heterosexuals and women.


There are no undesirable side effects if you are in good health.

After using poppers, you may feel dizzy and euphoric.

Poppers dilates the blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the corpus cavernosum of the penis and leads to a strong erection. So poppers are adored by many!

Sometimes, you may experience headaches and blurred vision!

It can cause chemical burns if the liquid from the popper comes in contact with your skin and you don't wash it with enough water quickly.

Very important: alkyl nitrite interact with other vasodilators, such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. As a consequence, they can cause a significant drop in blood pressure and death.


All brands of poppers have the same effects. The difference is in the intensity and strength!

The degree of intensity of the poppers is based on their composition: if the poppers are made of propyl nitrite, pentyl, amyl and a mixture of 2 nitrites.

There are poppers that are mild, others that are strong and the amyl poppers range is extra strong.

Our advice is to test the different nitrites. In this way, you will know which popper is best suited to your body.

Power indicator: how does it work?

In the upper left corner of each popper image you will find a power gauge that tells you if that popper is too strong or if it is softer.
The bottles can be of different nitrites such as amyl, propyl, hexyl, pentyl, or even a mixture of propyl and amyl. And as such, their intensity will vary as each nitrite has a different intensity.

The indicator has four levels ranging from red, which are the most potent vials to yellow, the vials with a milder intensity.
Choose your poppers carefully. The durability as well as the aroma and softness of the product is differentiated by the degree of intensity and the composition of the product.

Now that you know how to see the intensity of each vial you can now make your purchase safely and without worry. What are you waiting for?


Easy answer!

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