Clean Feel Anal Douche

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This is the perfect accessory for lovers of anal sex! Ensure optimal cleanliness with Clean Feel's amazing anal douche. Suitable for men and women. Available in three sizes.

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This anal cleaning accessory will allow you to practice clean and safe anal sex. Designed to efficiently clean the anal cavity and thus free the area of possible residues, bacteria and germs.

It is made with very resistant materials that extend the life of the product.

This is without a doubt the safest process for the clean preparation of anal sex. It is available in 3 sizes to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Instructions for use:
- Fill the container with warm water, then screw on the nozzle of the anal douche. But if you prefer, you can also choose to suck the water in the container without removing the nozzle of your Clean Feel.

- When it's full, apply intimate lubricant to the tip of your anal douche. And, once it's fully inserted, slowly squeeze the container to let the water flow. Release it soft and repeat the process until the water runs clear.

- It should be noted that to proceed with cleaning the anus, it is advisable to be in the bathroom.

Some details of the anal douche:
- This anal cleanser has been designed to be practical and easy to use. Simply press the container to suck or expel the water.

- It is made of safe and comfortable materials for the body. Its nozzle is narrow without spray holes.

- To facilitate cleaning of this product, the lower part is separated. This product can be used by him or her. The important thing is to enjoy an intimate anal relationship with total cleanliness.

Brand: SEVW Erotic

Material: Silicone + ABS

Available capacities: 90 ml, 160 ml and 220 ml

Available sizes:
- Clean Feel 90ml - 13.5 x 6 cm
- Clean Feel 160ml - 15.5 x 7 cm
- Clean Feel 220ml - 18 x 8.5 cm

- When using the anal douche,you should pay attention to the temperature of the water. It should not be too cold or too hot. Thus avoiding any feeling of discomfort or damage.
- Clean Feel should not be used continuously and regularly, as it compromises the intestinal flora.
- It is important that after using this anal cleanser, wait at least an hour or two for anal intercourse so that the rectum recovers its natural lubrication and internal sensitivity.

Take care of this anal cleaning product: it is convenient that before and after each use, it is washed thoroughly with soap and water. The product should dry naturally, without wipe, only the should it be stored.