Lubricants and glides are so much more than just friction reducers.

Take advantage of the special properties that they have: enhanced stamina, muscle relaxing, reduce sensitivity, warming effect and more.

Use them with anal or vaginal sex, but also while masturbating.


  • Cobeco Lube
  • JoyDivision

    JoyDivision is a prominent European brand of erotic lubricants and bodycare products. Aquaglide, Bioglide, EasyAnal, FrenchKiss or Man’s Best are some of its more well-known products.

  • PJUR Glides

    Pjur is a brand with over 60 years of experience producing lubricants, aphrodisiacs, retarders and cleansers as well as intimate hygiene products. Quality, effectiveness and purity are some of their main values.

  • Fisting Glides

    If you love fisting or getting fisted, you know that using the right fisting lube is essential. Whether you are looking for an extra thick lubricant for anal fisting or a more female-friendly one for vaginal fisting we’ve got you covered. J-Lube, Crisco, Elbow Grease or Boy Butter are some of the lubes ready to lend a hand with your fisting play.